Author: elissassolutions

Elissa M. Carmona is a singer, writer, and avid chocolate lover. Born and raised in New York City, one of her long-term goals is visiting the Empire State Building and Statute of Liberty. A quintessential busy-body, Ms. Carmona is skilled at telling you the best way to get the job done, and hates the word no.



Founder, Elissa Carmona is a writer and performing artist, with an MSW degree from Long Island University, and a 15-year social work background. She’s a winner of Bronx Council on the Arts 2017 and 2016 Arts Fund awards, and the 2016 Artist for Community award.

Elissa’s Solutions is

a Bronx-based agency that specializes in fundraising, project development, and community engagement in neighborhoods throughout New York City. Founded in 2013, fiscal sponsorship is provided by Unique Projects, Inc.